Removable Cartridge Drive for ESI-32

Posted by: distcoyote

Removable Cartridge Drive for ESI-32 - 10/29/98 07:40 PM

Curious if someone can help me out from personal experience since emu page was pretty vague.. I have an ESI-32 w/32mb ram and a pretty normal *not device laden* SCSI setup.. I'd like to get a better cartridge drive than my little EZ Flyer Syquest 135mb drive. Happy with Syquest so I was considering purchasing a 1.5mb Syjet.. or a 1.0mb Syquest Sparq drive.. Has anyone bought either of these and had success/failures? Thanx in advance
Posted by: Tony Penn

Re: Removable Cartridge Drive for ESI-32 - 11/02/98 02:28 PM

I only know of a friend who used SparQ for a laptop - and it was excellent quality and speed. My personal setup is a 1GB SCSI HD and 100MB Zip drive in an external casing.
Posted by: Jason

Re: Removable Cartridge Drive for ESI-32 - 11/03/98 11:28 AM

I have been using a Syjet drive in my computer for a year now.. It works great.. Then only snafu is (on an IDE Bus) you have to set it as Master. My CD-Rom won't let me set it to slave.. So in my case some of the Win95 features (ie, turn sleep mode off) won't work.. But it runs fine otherwise..
I have an EX4, but right now I'm using an external SCSI CD-rom drive.. I heard that there is an English-built unit that has a cd-rom & Jazz Drive built into a 1space rack unit.. I didn't look further into it because it would've made my feel bad about bying a separate cd-rom drv.

Posted by: distcoyote

Re: Removable Cartridge Drive for ESI-32 - 11/04/98 03:28 AM

Thanx Tony & Jason.. I'm purchasing the ESI v.3 software which I think/hope will lessen the risk of the Syquest larger capacity drives not working.. Right now I'm leaning towards the Sparq SCSI *comes out this month for MAC*, due to the outrageously cheap cartridge prices, but if the Syjet carts come down in price then I'll go for that.. Thanx alot for your quick responses.. Appreciate it..
Posted by: Nigel

Re: Removable Cartridge Drive for ESI-32 - 11/17/98 05:22 AM

Just to let you all know that Syquest has pretty much gone down the tube. They have ceased to trade shares so it looks very grim, and support for their products may become non existant.

On the other hand it may also mean that you can pick up some bargain priced Syquest products if dealers start to clear out stock.

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