Proteus1 - Setting Defaults

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Proteus1 - Setting Defaults - 10/18/98 05:34 PM

I need to know how to reset my module to the factory presets and how to default any timbre to a patch number. I brough the unit second hand and have lost the manual, but I have a deadline presentation to meet by Tuesday, so if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

At the moment, when I use program changes, the numbers don't match the pc's. For instance, the numbering using PC 1-5 might reflect nos 1,2 but then 130,3,145,5 etc. Seeing as you cannot access banks on the proteus, I need to know how to access sounds post 128 using midi.


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Re: Proteus1 - Setting Defaults - 10/19/98 05:12 AM

There is a parameter on the "master page" which allows you to re-map prograam locations
Look in the Master for:
There will be two sets of numbers, as you scroll thru them, make sure 0=0...127=127 etc. The first number is the selected program number, the second number is the program you want to be in that location. Normally, program 005 is accoustic guitar (the first number) but you can select program 000 piano (or any patch) to be at location 005 by remapping (changing the value of the second number).i.e. 005 > 000. To my knowledge, there is no default for returning all programs to the factory settings. There are some programs which can not be over-written.
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Re: Proteus1 - Setting Defaults - 10/19/98 05:26 AM

I just read your questions again and felt I might be able to explain one part more directly. To acess programs numbered above 126, you will need to remap them using the information I gave before. For an example;
You may want to use program 188, and you want it to be located at 000. You simply change the value of the second set of numbers,
000 > 188
Program 188 (tom toms) will be at location 000, where stereo piano used to be. If I haven't made this clear, e-mail me as I am not very good at explaining things.
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Re: Proteus1 - Setting Defaults - 10/31/98 12:20 PM

Hi all! I too use a Proteus 1xr (onboard a TurtleBeach Multisound "classic" card.
I've been feverishly looking for more info on a couple of items.
1) Where can I get the patch editor/library program "Oview/Protues" that is in my manual.
2) You answered my second one in the above posts. Thanks. I'd like to find a way around this cumbersome process of accessing sound above the general midi 0-127. Would a patch editor/librarian program help with this? Any experience with Noize (mentioned in the dowload section on this site)? Thanks.