ESi-4000 and SMDI

Posted by: Anonymous

ESi-4000 and SMDI - 08/11/99 02:58 PM

My ESi-4000 won't recognize a SMDI transfer from my Mac. The program works good, and the SCSI chain is perfect. I have the right ID and the Mac recognizes the SMDI connection.
Posted by: fichtre

Re: ESi-4000 and SMDI - 09/16/99 08:43 PM

what soft do you use?
alchemy,i have sometimes the same probleme but i reload the soft and it works otherwise i use dsound pro and it works!
seems that lots of esi users have problems with mac,i can not save some sound on my zip while the chain esi zip mac is completed it start to save and become corrupt and my bank is lost any idea?
Posted by: pko

Re: ESi-4000 and SMDI - 09/23/99 08:54 AM


Surely not negataive comment on the suitability of the Mac for music apps ??

It does seem to be the case that a lot of people do have problems with SMDI with the Mac.

Anyone for a nice reliable PC.