Noise - Nord Modular

Posted by: Anonymous

Noise - Nord Modular - 02/13/01 02:34 PM

Hi there!
I'm really new to the Nord Modular ( bought it today ). I tested it and it sounds great but there is really loud backgroundnoise in
a few Presets. (ArpeggiRame,machiner,...) Is it normal to here it?-or are there any mistakes ?- I would be very glad if there's someone who can help me 'cause I'm a real newbie here.


Posted by: ian/collapse into reason

Re: Noise - Nord Modular - 02/20/01 10:48 AM

The noise is actually supposed to be there. If you take a look at the patches in the modular editor, you'll probably find which module is creating the noise (it's often clearly labeled 'noise'). If you don't like the lo-fi effect of it, just take the offending module out of the chain.

Enjoy your new Nord!