Micro Modular info?

Posted by: Logik

Micro Modular info? - 07/29/00 06:51 AM

I've read about the Nord Modular on these forums and it seem like such a great product. What I like about it is that you can
add and remove modules on your Mac/PC and build entire new synths and effects that way.
But it's a bit expensive for me, I'm afraid.

Then to the question: Is the Micro Modular the "micro" version of the Modular, and can
you edit modules on your computer in the same way? Also, is there an audio in connector, so I can run external audio thru the effects and filters?

Any replies would be greatly apreciated.
Posted by: cre8or

Re: Micro Modular info? - 07/29/00 09:10 PM

The micro modular is the same as the modular except that you only have four voice poliphony instead of 32. I does have two inputs in the back (as far as I can remember)
Since the Modulars run on dsp power, and the more you use up, the less poliphony you have... I don't know if you are restricted in dsp power.
hope this helps.
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Re: Micro Modular info? - 07/30/00 09:47 AM

Thanx. Do you or anyone have any experience with this unit? 4 voice polyphony sounds a bit limiting, but then again it's not going to be my main sound source. I'm just looking for a unit that can give me decent pads analog style and effects for processing other external sounds. My EA1 provides basses and leads and JV-1010 with strings and pianos. I use samples for drums. Anyone have any experience with running ext. audio through the filters and effects, good or bad?

Thanx in advance.
Posted by: cre8or

Re: Micro Modular info? - 07/30/00 09:12 PM

no... I've done my research on it beacause I'm planning (saving) to buy a Nord Modular sometime this year. If you're looking for good pads, I'd also check out the Roland Jp8080... and you don't need a computer to change or edit the sounds. I'm not sure how good the efects are on it, but I know it has a very versatile vocoder.
Posted by: Logik

Re: Micro Modular info? - 07/31/00 08:13 AM

I don't know about the JP-8080, still a bit too pricy to my liking. Vocoder is already covered thru Zoom Studio 1204 FX unit. The effects are crap but the vocoder is superb for such a cheap little thing. I really don't like the polyphony issue with the Miceo Modular, so I'm gonna check out the Red Sound Dark Star to see if it can be an alternative at 350.
Thanx for your info.
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Re: Micro Modular info? - 09/27/00 02:57 PM

I just bought a micro -
I think its crap.


I was expecting someting that could top off all the other synths out there - but the reason why it wasnt selling as many as the others was because it had the capability of being complicated.

That was my thought on it.

But when i checked it out - all it seems to be is lead synth sounds and basses, blips n farts.

Thats fine if you only want that - but something about it doesnt sound that great -

I really reccommend you listen to the patches that are on it - cause thats all about it can really do as far as sounds go.

Yes its an incredible synth -
Yes it sounds out-dated and balls.
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Re: Micro Modular info? - 09/27/00 02:59 PM

btw - i forgot to say.

It does other stuff like pad and strings an all that - but it sounds so primitive and useless - like a DX7 thing or something.

I wanted loads more out of it - glad i didnt buy the big mean one.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Micro Modular info? - 10/24/00 07:47 AM

Well, what are you look for?

I mean .. the name kinda explains the synth. "Modular". If you can't afford to buy a $37000 modular system, just get a Nord Modular.

"Modular" means, that you can arrange all the modules how ever you want them and connect them any way you want. This means that you can "build" every single analog synth ever built!!!

If you don't want that? Fine. Sell it and buy a Casio CTK or something .. they got nice piano-sounds that sounds like a distorted flute .. :-)

// David