Posted by: Korgasm

NORD 3 SYNTHESIZER. - 04/25/00 06:16 PM

I read about the new Nord 3 in Harmony Central. At last, they will add aftertouch to their keyboard. But it's still only 49 note. I'm dying to check it out.
Posted by: JLawrence

Re: NORD 3 SYNTHESIZER. - 05/15/00 09:56 PM

Hey Korgasm!
A friend from the Roland list here...I've been wondering why this Nord list isn't as active as it is. As for the Nord, I've been pondering whether or not to get the Nord Micro. Played it? I guess the Nord Lead would be better for "instant gratification..."
BTW, see if you can pull some of our Roland buddies over here to the Nord list!
Posted by: synthesite

Re: NORD 3 SYNTHESIZER. - 05/17/00 03:31 PM

the nord lead III seems fantastic. i had a nl 2 but had to sell it due to a great offer i got... but i still have a micro modular, though. it's great for all sorts of noises - including vocoding, which it does best out of all vocoder gear i've tested.

the nord lead III, however, will be out this summer, and it seems very exciting. see pictures and more att - bye.
Posted by: SIckbassix

Re: NORD 3 SYNTHESIZER. - 07/23/00 05:23 AM

I'm definately looking forward to that one, the knob LED function is excellent. One of the first synths to implement this.