Best Of Casio?......

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Best Of Casio?...... - 12/14/12 03:20 PM

What model of Casio boards (made in the past and also present) do you consider to be the best they ever made? (Sound quality being an important consideration)..........
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Originally Posted By: tassiespirit

I totally agree. Though the new XW-P1 has a lot going for it as well.
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Re: Best Of Casio?...... - 11/05/18 12:27 AM

MZ-2000! It's already almost 19 years old but still a fantastic machine. And i would also say MZ-X500! The CT-X5000 is also a great machine on paper, but i wouldn't say that it's really all that great in practice.

EDIT: I'm sorry, had no clue this thread was already 6 years old...
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NP that the thread was over 6 years old. Your response is just as valid as it ever was.