Recording In Sonar

Posted by: Dmanuscript Music

Recording In Sonar - 02/24/09 11:18 PM

I recently uploaded the ins file for the Casio WK-1600 to access all of my patches. I then recorded a pattern I had recorded on the built pattern sequencer to Sonar. During playback the user patches don't play correctly unless I'm playing it from the beginning. Does anyone know why that would happen?
Posted by: Nigel

Re: Recording In Sonar - 02/25/09 09:09 PM

It will be because the program changes to setup the correct patches are at the beginning of the MIDI sequence. If you startup past that then the keyboard doesn't receive those messages. It is not a fault of the Casio but would happen the same with any MIDI keyboard.
Posted by: Dmanuscript Music

Re: Recording In Sonar - 02/25/09 09:24 PM

Thanks my other question is will I have this seem problem sequencing straight into Sonar Home Studio? Because those progam change messages won't appear at the beginning of the sequence like when I transfer something that was sequenced on the Casio.
Posted by: Nigel

Re: Recording In Sonar - 02/26/09 12:13 AM

Yep, it still would be the same. The patch changes have to be sent at the start of a sequence so the correct instruments are heard. Usually it isn't an issue if you are working on a song because the patches are sent first time and then remain selected so then starting somewhere later in the sequence uses those same sounds. It is only if the patches are reset that the problem would arise.

You would have to embed patch changes through the entire sequence to solve this problem.

After you have played sequence once then the correct patches are selected so I'm curious, when is this a problem for you?
Posted by: Dmanuscript Music

Re: Recording In Sonar - 02/26/09 04:50 PM

Thanks, it isn't a issue really it was just due to the playback point. I was just curious.