Privia PX-400R

Posted by: Caragabal

Privia PX-400R - 12/16/04 12:26 AM

Has anyone purchased the Privia PX-400R?
If there has could you let me know your assessment of it.
Posted by: velocipede

Re: Privia PX-400R - 12/20/04 05:58 PM

I was hoping someone would reply to your query too.

I do NOT have one, but have been seriously considering it. Keyboard Magazine gave the related 100 a very good review and said the sounds were as good as many more expensive keyboards and the feel was excellent.

I have tried one in a store. I'm not a seasoned player, but the board felt pretty good.

If I was a Windows user I would have bought one by now, but since I am a Mac user, some of the advantages of the 400 would be lost for me.

Another caveat is that Casio doesn't seem to be very supportive, having shut down their own user forums, it seems.
Posted by: Jerry Mullikin

Re: Privia PX-400R - 12/20/04 08:56 PM

I saw on the General Arranger Keyboard Forum where George Kaye, a dealer in California said he just got one in his store and was trying it out. He had some comments, so you might want to look there. I posted a question to him, and any others that might want to answer, trying to get some info as to how the PX400R or the PX300 would work as a MIDI controller to control a 61 key keyboard. I haven't gotten an answer yet. One of you two said that the PX100 got a good review, somewhere. I wonder if a PX100 would work just as well for me as one of the other two? Or, do either of you have any suggestions as to another board I might consider, to use for a midi controller. All responses and info will be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Mullikin
Posted by: velocipede

Re: Privia PX-400R - 12/21/04 05:23 PM

Look at the Casio site and compare the specs. The 100 and 400 are basically the same keyboard, but the 400 has more features. Don't know about the 300 . . .