Keyfeel of Casio WK3200

Posted by: champenois

Keyfeel of Casio WK3200 - 06/05/06 07:29 AM

I saw on the casio music site that their wk3200 " has 76 full-size keys giving a true piano feel ". Is that right ? Is the keyboard really semiweighted ?

Posted by: Jim Wintringham

Re: Keyfeel of Casio WK3200 - 06/07/06 07:16 AM

What was the site link?
All the Wk's I have seen are the 'organ type' feel...using the plastic keys 'end part' as the return 'spring'. Maybe the newer model is different, but I don't think they are changing (IMO). Casio does make a piano feel instrument for around $500 (U.S.)

Posted by: champenois

Re: Keyfeel of Casio WK3200 - 06/07/06 12:58 PM

I quoted this description at this page.

In fact, I'm french. First, I saw the description on the french version of the site and they spoke about "mécanisme de marteau" (marteau=hammer). That's why I wonder if this function is really existing, that would be very astonishing and great for a keyboard of that price !