CASIO 3000, 3100 or 3500 ??

Posted by: Anonymous

CASIO 3000, 3100 or 3500 ?? - 04/17/05 08:36 AM

Does anyone know the major differences between these 3?

Can I record a song w/ muiltiple sounds, save to a disk and then play on my computer or email?

I'm new at this (including this site obviously as I also posted this at the "bar")

thanks for your help!!!

Posted by: squeak_D

Re: CASIO 3000, 3100 or 3500 ?? - 04/17/05 02:22 PM

All three models are pretty close in features. The 3500 has a modulation wheel and a floppy disk drive. The 3000 does not have a disk drive and a modulation button in place of the wheel. The 3100 is almost exactly the same as the 3000, but the 3100 has a mic input jack. Aside from that they all have the same sounds, recording functions, synth features, styles, ect.

Posted by: Jim Wintringham

Re: CASIO 3000, 3100 or 3500 ?? - 04/17/05 02:56 PM

If you want more information...check out our Casio user site at:

There's lots of information in the posted messages...that may be of help to you