Casio WK-1630 & WK-3500 for sale

Posted by: RyanS

Casio WK-1630 & WK-3500 for sale - 02/03/05 01:53 PM

I'm selling the WK-1630 for $150. I paid $300 for it. It's almost 3 years old and been used in a smoke free environment. There are some small blemishes on it but nothing extreme or very noticable. Included is the power supply and owners manual.

I'm selling the WK-3500 for $250. I paid almost $400 and it's been used in a smoke-free environment all the time I've had it, which has been for 8 months. Like the WK-1630, there are a couple of scratches on the surface on the side, but nothing extreme, in fact I never even noticed it until recently. Also it comes with a sustain pedal, power supply, and owners manual.

If anyone here is interested shoot me an email at Links to pictures are below.

WK-1630 -

WK-3500 -