Keys scratching a WK-3500

Posted by: Rowland

Keys scratching a WK-3500 - 12/14/03 03:59 PM

Just bought a WK-3500. Noticed right away that after playing it for the first time the keys showed scratches on them. Not wearing jewelry. Believe thay are from my fingernails. Are these keys really soft? ANy ideas please??
Posted by: RW

Re: Keys scratching a WK-3500 - 12/16/03 11:00 AM

I've never heard of such a thing. To say a fingernail can scrath a key, is to say that your finger nails are harder than the keys themselves. I find this very hard to believe since finger nails are pretty pliable. I'm guessing the keys were scratched some other way and you've only noticed the scratches after playing it. Best wishes

Posted by: Rowland

Re: Keys scratching a WK-3500 - 12/18/03 08:18 AM


After checking it some more it looks like the scratches are really just slight deposites left from my fingernails onto the keys. I was alittle concerned at first that the keys were a soft material. I guess it is just my fingernails as you said. Thank you for your reply. I really like the 3500!