Saving recorded files on the MZ2000

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Saving recorded files on the MZ2000 - 03/21/01 08:48 AM

Hello Everyone!

I am having a problem with my MZ2000. How do I save a song that I have recorded on the MZ2000 to disk as a MIDI? I have tried saving it and have gotton the option to choose which format 0 or 1 but when I execute, it saves as a 1k file. I am assuming its not saving the internal channels data but do not know how to correct this. I used quick record and the song comes up in the sequencer user area. Anyone??? Thanks so much!

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Re: Saving recorded files on the MZ2000 - 03/21/01 08:14 PM


If you use easy record on the MZ, your only option to save the song from memory is to use "casio Format". This does mean that to play the song back again, it must be reloaded into memory (unlike direct play which reads straight of the disk in MIDI format 0). If you have a midi connection on your computer, it is possible to play the song into a computer program such as cakewalk, and then save this as a standard midi file. You will however, have to add program changes etc, to the melody voice, as these are not sent with the song data.
Hope this helps
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Re: Saving recorded files on the MZ2000 - 03/22/01 09:17 AM

I like my MZ2000 for a lot of reasons, especially the sequencer and pattern sequencer functions. What I don't like about this board is that your user songs are not saved as midi files. Therefore, without sending the data from the accomp parts to an external sequencer, there is no way to edit them. How dumb is that? I don't understand why Casio didn't include a function so that each part of a recorded accomp sequence coluld have saved in a seperate midi channel for editing. Oh sure, I can send the accomp out to an external sequencer and edit it, but when I return it to the MZ, all of the instruments are read as GM 1-127 and most of them don't match what I originally used. All of the other mixer and effect settings are incorrect as well. For someone who uses the board primarily for composing, this is very poor. It takes me way too much time to reset all of that stuff. It's too bad, because the song to pattern functions and the other sequencer functions are excellent and far better than the ones on my PSR740. The patterns are good as well and the sounds are for the most part very good as well. But, because of the problem I mentioned above, at times, I am somewhat sorry that I bought this board.
Al M

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Re: Saving recorded files on the MZ2000 - 03/25/01 12:12 PM


Thanks for that information. You saved me hours of frustration as the manual doesn't elaborate on what is saved as midi. I figured it wasn't going to be as simple as hitting SAVE! Thanks again.


Yep, I agree with you. I am very disappointed that Casio did not allow these functions to be saved as midi files. I too, now will have to go back to using my computer to do this. I thought I was avoiding all that. I have just started to get into using the sequencer etc on the Casio and I already ran into this very unacceptable problem! Maybe someone will read these messages and come up with an easier fix. Thanks for the info.