Casio WK 1800 Factory Reset?

Posted by: dbailey

Casio WK 1800 Factory Reset? - 10/11/05 05:08 PM

Is there a way to reset the wk1800 to the origianl factory settings? I have been having a hard time with the song memory function and now the drums no longer sound when I attempt to record with percusssion. It worked for a while, but now it doesn't work. After attempting to record with percussion when I return to just playing keyboard with a drums the drums wont come through the speakers until I punch in one of the Registration set ups that have drums with them. Freaky!?!?
Posted by: Jim Wintringham

Re: Casio WK 1800 Factory Reset? - 10/12/05 03:25 PM

I think to get the factory reset on that keyboard, you hold down the 'ENTER' button, while turning on the power. You then get a dialogue, to guide you thru a reset proceedure. This will clear the memory, you will need to reload any custom sounds you may have created.

I would also suggest you just check out the 'channel mute' buttons see if you may have disabled any of the channels. The button under each channel number (1-16), will toggle the sound on/off. Another thing to check is the volume setting for the channel (mixer function) may have the setting turned down (0= off 255= loud).
I hope this will help you!
Posted by: dbailey

Re: Casio WK 1800 Factory Reset? - 10/13/05 05:06 AM

Thanks for the reply. After searching desparately for the 'enter' button on my keyboard and not finding it I went into the dreaded owner manual and found a factory reset function under the settings section(Transpose button then arrowing into the proper area. It took about 4 minutes for it to reset itself. It cleared up the problem. I really appreciate your assistance and concern. Thanks.

Posted by: Jim Wintringham

Re: Casio WK 1800 Factory Reset? - 10/13/05 02:49 PM

Sorry to give you the wrong advice for your keyboard, But I am glad you were able to find it. I have found the downloadable '.pdf' manuals are really nice, when you are searching for information.
here is one of many different links:
Posted by: claudiu

Re: Casio WK 1800 Factory Reset? - 10/20/05 05:46 PM

How can I use the 16 track sequencer on the Casio WK-3500 ? It's been a year since I bought it and i couldn't figure it out. Please tell me each step at the time ( I'm talking about the thing where you can record 16 instruments separately, and then put them together to make a song or something like this for the left hand ). This stuff is weird on the Casio WK-3500 - PLEASE HELP !
Posted by: Jim Wintringham

Re: Casio WK 1800 Factory Reset? - 10/21/05 08:26 AM
Check out this link for 'how to' help on recording.
Using the internal Casio 'song recorder' are recording to channels 11 thru 16. The other channels are used by the Casio Rhythm section (that is recorded as part of channel 11 information).
Using a computer based music sequencer program, will allow you to access the full 16 channels of the Casio...playing thru midi cables (computer to the Casio)...or as a midi file played thru the 'SMF' button of the Casio
Posted by: claudiu

Re: Casio WK 1800 Factory Reset? - 10/21/05 07:11 PM

Thanks for answering me, but i want to know exactly how to record on the 16 track sequencer...i want to make like my own " negatives" for songs you know? and i really need it. i have a roland va-76 also, and i have to figure it out to that, too because it just arrived. Thanks !