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casio mz 2000 - 11/05/01 07:53 PM


Is there a way to edit the accompaniment part on this keyboard. Read the manual 1000 times can't find the answer.

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Re: casio mz 2000 - 11/05/01 08:40 PM

I had the board for a while but traded it in back in June for a PA80. If you are a bit more specific with the question I might be able to remember a little and help you more if this doesnt answer your question. Accomp styles can certainly be edited partially or entirely through the pattern sequencer ( you can edit one piece, or as many pieces as you like, instrument patches, mixer setups, eqs and effects just about anything even mostly outside the pattern seq ), but in order to change notes in a specific part ( say the guitar part in 8beat1 stle variation A ) you would have to delete the original part in the pattern sequencer first and then rerecord it. Also to make any permanent changes to the style, even those that can be made without going to the pattern sequencer, such as mixer, eq, patch, etc, the changes must be saved to a user style, and if I remember correctly you'd have to access the
pattern sequencer in order to save them as part of a style, or you could also save minor changes in a user registration.

Ultimately I got rid of the board because the support for it ( user websites, company support itself ), was virtually non existent as compared with the other major arrangers, and I didnt care for all of its' sounds, ( although some I liked just fine ) but the one thing I did like was all the functions and features it had for its price, and I sorely miss the ease of accessing those functions. It was so easy to access all of its' funtions to as opposed to the PA80, which has even more functions and features, although it is also lacking a couple that the MZ had. I tolerate the way the PA80 is setup because to me no other arranger sounds as good, and its' stylesare superb, but I'd be happier with it if it only was laid out the way the MZ is, and I wish that it had the midi to pattern conversion function built in as the MZ does, rather than having to use external software. I'm almost sorry I traded it in, becuase I would have liked to have kept it if I didn't need the funds to purchase the PA80.

Best Regards,

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Re: casio mz 2000 - 11/06/01 11:35 AM

[Hey AJ,

Thank you for your long answer and comments on your (now gone) MZ. Yes it does have great features built into it but it is lacking some very important one on the sequencer.
I have some music knowledge and a taste of my own for composing. I cannot play live solo or with a band. I would like to use the build in studio on the MZ but find a few problems.

1) Example: on easy record, I play all my chords live for say 20 bars. I notice that bar 16 should have been Bm7 and not B7. How can I change that?

2) When editing parts within a song is there a way to punch in and out as in any analog tape studio.

I am sure the mZ has these features.

I appreciate your help very much.

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Hi Richard,

You just reminded me of the one other thing that drove me nuts about the MZ2000. Only the real time recorded events that you actually play can be edited down to note resolution. In other words, once you record a song, using the mz's patterns, none of the notes in the recorded pattern itself can be edited. All of the editing for the pattern parts has to be done in the pattern sequencer prior to recording an actual song. The actual events that you record in real time, including any additonal parts you add over and above the patterns, can be edited down to note events, but once you save the song itself to a "midi file ", the kb saves in in a casio format, not an standard midi file, and you can still only alter real time played events. If there were events in a completed song that I wanted to edit that were coming from the pattern itself, my only choice was to play the song via the MZs sequencer and have the kb send all of the midi data to an external sequencer which would record the song as it played on the MZ. It's strange, because it would send all of the midi data out properly to an external sequencer, yet it wouldnt record all of it so that you could work on it inside of the kb. As far as the easy record mode, I rarely used it but encountered a problem, with the wrong chord type coming out after I inserted it into a song file, but I believe you can edit chord types in the song sequencer itself at the completion of a song.
I,m not quite sure what else to tell you on that. Maybe Linda or Squeak have a better idea?


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Re: casio mz 2000 - 11/28/01 11:50 AM


I use an external sequencer to edit songs with the mz. I always like to save my songs as midi and the MZ will not save its internal data as midi in its sequencer. You have to save it as a Casio file. I do believe you have to load a style into the editor each time you want to edit a part. I am not sure if you can punch in or out on the sequencer. I believe Squeak at one time spoke of this. You might want to try to do a search of MZ2000 posts and view them. There was alot of information given out when it first came out last year.

I may be selling my MZ2000 soon. I went to the PSR2000. I have not received it yet so I don't know how I will like it. I have exhausted my efforts to try and get the MZ to do what I want it to do with midi. No tech support very little support for the board at all makes it difficult to learn.

Hope someone else here can get the answers you need. Sorry.