MIDI conversion

Posted by: Anonymous

MIDI conversion - 11/19/04 02:31 PM


Is there an easy way (free) to convert MIDI type 1 to type 0? I do have Pro Tracks, but I am not sure if I can convert MIDI files with it. Is there a utility that does the conversion?

BTW, is there any news on the Casio user forum. Is it back?


Posted by: Jim Wintringham

Re: MIDI conversion - 11/19/04 04:34 PM

Most sequencer programs have a 'save as' feature...that will let you save in the SMF format (Midi0). The Casio software will also convert (it is free).

There are a couple of other forum options: http://www.originalz.com/casio/casio_bbs/

and the Casio mirror of it's old site: http://www.casio.ie/music/forum/

Casio's main forum is still off (as far as I know)
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Re: MIDI conversion - 11/21/04 11:23 PM


Thanks for the info. Hopefully my version of Pro Tracks will allow me to save MIDI type 1 as SMF.

I'll check out the links, too.


Posted by: robonz

Re: MIDI conversion - 12/14/04 09:30 AM

here is a promising looking freeware midi 1 to 0 converter. not tested it yet but have downloaded it for future use.
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: MIDI conversion - 12/14/04 02:02 PM


is a software company that offers a program that will convert a batch of files,not just one at a time,,,It is the most useful utility program at a very reasonable cost..