Casio note fix

Posted by: Jim Wintringham

Casio note fix - 10/12/04 06:59 AM

I just had a note quit, and decided to 'open up' the see if I could fix it. I took pictures, and made a document to show the details.
Here is a link to the document, and I give free use of the post, if this forum wants to add the file to their resources. I have a small web I will not be able to keep this link up for very long. To save this a right click, and a 'save as'. It is a Microsoft Word formated doc. A left click will just open it up to view.

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Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Casio note fix - 10/12/04 02:10 PM

Well Jim...did you fix the note?
Posted by: sminhinnick

Re: Casio note fix - 10/12/04 02:13 PM

Thanks, Jim.

I had to open up my wk3000 for the first time two days ago after my 3 year old walked on it, and collapsed the stand, keyboard and himself to the floor.

Luckily he wasn't hurt, but my sustain pedal was crushed and the keyboard's power on/off button (where he had been standing) got pushed in.

When I opened up the keyboard the scariest thing was the number of screws I had to remove. Then it took a while until I figured out it was easiest to put the keyboard back on it's base to remove the top - rather than leave it upside down.

The cause of the button problem was that the corner of the power button's circuit board was snapped off at the screw hole. I created a plastic washer to hold that corner of the board, and put the screw throught it and tightened it up. The on/off button now works perfectly.

I would have been much less confident of opening the case if I had not read your notes on adding a line-out. It really helps to know that folks have "been there, done that" before.

Posted by: Jim Wintringham

Re: Casio note fix - 10/13/04 08:40 AM

Originally posted by Fran Carango:
Well Jim...did you fix the note?

Yes it did.

I think my problem might have been a result of my grandkids playing style (pounding on the keys).... But it was fixed.
One other thing I thought of...there is an opening into the main body of the keyboard...right by the middle section. I wish I had tipped the keyboard away from that I dropped one screw, and it went right in the hole. So, I got to remove all the screws also , Stephen!