Problems with my WK-1200

Posted by: Northerner

Problems with my WK-1200 - 01/04/05 12:07 PM

My WK-1200 which I use with rechargable Nicad (my pin in the AC/DC plug broke a year ago) Has been working great.
But a couple of nights ago I turned it over to change the batteries. When I returned it to its position on it's keyboard stand the demo would play and the LCD was working fine but I got no sound when I play the keys.
I can change all sttings on the LCD and both demos play perfect even showing the keys hit excetera, but when I play the keys in normal tone mode nothing.
I'm missing the troubleshooting page from my manual and I just wondered if maybe something got pressed or if there is a hidden reset button or what I can do short of taking it in to an expaensive technision or if maybe any of you have had this happen to you. I have a feeling it is something extremely simple but it is evading me totally.

I need you help!!!!!

Thanks in Advance

Posted by: Jim Wintringham

Re: Problems with my WK-1200 - 01/04/05 02:27 PM

Here is a link to the online manual, hope this will help you.
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Re: Problems with my WK-1200 - 01/04/05 06:56 PM

I don't know if you checked this but look under the midi settings and see if local control is on or off. To hear sound with the keys it should be (on). I don't know if you can turn the main chanel on or off under the mixer, but make sure that is not muted.

Posted by: Northerner

Re: Problems with my WK-1200 - 01/08/05 06:03 PM

Problem fixed on this particular model if you press the rest on the keynote pad beside the + - key at the same time as the rest button it wil place you keyboard on mute. I find no reference to this in any manual and I think it is just a programming glitch (but a scary one if it happens it you) by repushing the rest &+ buttons at the same time it allows you workstation to return to normal.

Thank You both for you help it really helped, by the way the Casio 1200 manual st tat sight is missing the last page 'Troubleshooting' it is where I got my present manual.

Thanks Again!!!!
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Re: Problems with my WK-1200 - 01/27/05 01:48 AM

Check your rechargable batteries to see if they are rated at 1.5 volts. Some are only 1.2 volts and they will cause problems with your keyboard because you will only have 7.2 volts available. Your Casio should requier 9 volts if it takes 6 batteries.

Jerry Lee
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Re: Problems with my WK-1200 - 04/23/05 01:15 PM

I just tried to put my WK-1200 back into comission by pressing the rest and the plus keys. It didn't work? Is this what was said on this forum to take it out of mute? Everything works but the sound.

Darn 4 year old grandson!!!

I sure hope someone can help me
Bev Haynes