Casio software

Posted by: Anonymous

Casio software - 10/14/01 01:20 AM

I recently bought an MZ2000 & I am really happy with it.I am interested in purchasing additional rhythm disks from casio so I can experiment alittle more.Has anybody got these disks & can recommend whether they are worth purchasing & their ease of use or any other relevant information.
thanks for your time & if you can help it would be very appreciative

Posted by: LindaFus

Re: Casio software - 10/29/01 05:12 AM

Hi Qwerty,

I have an MZ2000 also. I have seen the style disks on some of the UK sites but do not know first hand what they are like either. I too, would like an opinion before I buy. There is a forum up on the UK Casio site that you might what to try.