internal memory smf

Posted by: Timo1

internal memory smf - 04/03/06 06:53 PM

I just got my wk 3700 today..

I was playing along with some smf's off the internet I was wondering do I always have to load them off of a disc or smart media or can I load smf's into the internal memory on the keyboard (says it can hold 200 files) I guess my question is it just special casio created midis that can go into internal memory or can any midi 0 off the internet go in it..

hehe and if you can do it would you mind describing how...

Thanks in advance!
Posted by: Killer WK

Re: internal memory smf - 04/03/06 07:13 PM

Yes you can load SMF`s into the internal 4 megs with the IDES software that comes on the CD.The 200 songs listed is a joke because some pre-loaded user files take up some space already. I have about 10 loaded on my 3200 and more on my SM Card which holds 64megs. To me its a better feature than the limited floppy drive on the 3700?
The software will take any .mid file smf0 or above and convert it to the the boards liking which is SMF0. Try that out!
Posted by: Timo1

Re: internal memory smf - 04/03/06 10:03 PM

sweet thanks for the quick reply Ill give it a try!
Posted by: Killer WK

Re: internal memory smf - 04/03/06 10:55 PM

BTW Where do you get your SMF`s? I specialize in Sequencing Phat Midi Files that dont cheese to please! Tell me what you are into and we can trade? I use Cubase XL to build mine. Have many hard to find good ones.