Alesis resonance

Posted by: Anonymous

Alesis resonance - 08/31/99 11:34 PM

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone happend to know of a way to simulate resonace on the alesis qudrasynth series of keyboards? I have an alesis qs8, which I love, but I've been trying to figure out for 3 days now an effective way to simulate a resonance filter. I tried using the effects "Resonance", but it didn't sound as strong and blipy as it could be. I also checked out the website and they demomstrated a way to do this using an inverted slope flange technique where the flange depth is modulated(changed) via the modulation wheel, pitch wheel or controllers a-d. However, I don't know of a way to get the flange lfo to stop so that it doesn't make periodic changes in the pitch. Anyone who knows of any ways even if it applies to other synthesizers with the same minor problem, please e-mail me at

Any information that all of you can give will be greatly appreciated and I'll spread all the info I receive around newsgroups so that other qudrasynth owners can do the same thing. Thanks again for your time and consideration! :-)