NanoSynth? Multi-timbral?

Posted by: RW

NanoSynth? Multi-timbral? - 09/11/02 10:03 AM

Can the Nanosythn playback on more than one track/channel at a time? I know that the Nanopiano is not multi-timbral but I don't know about the Nanosynth. I'm thinking of buying one on ebay. Thanks in advance.

Posted by: DanO1

Re: NanoSynth? Multi-timbral? - 09/13/02 06:17 AM

The nano synth is multi timbral !
dano the mano who helps you buy the nano !
Posted by: Uncle Dave

Re: NanoSynth? Multi-timbral? - 09/13/02 10:58 AM

Whammo ! Now he'll have some ammo !
Lots to do when friends come by to Jammo !
Posted by: RW

Re: NanoSynth? Multi-timbral? - 09/25/02 11:05 AM

Well Thanky,

Can't mess with spanky cause I broke the cranky but that's ok, I know the vandles who took the handles!

I see these nano-synths going for about a hunnet on e-bay. I never heard one but for an extra 64 voices for 100. That'll help anyone's layerin.

So now I'm really thinkin. 'bout pickin one up in the blink'in, of an eye with a planky, so once again... thanky.