QS6.1 programming help wanted

Posted by: Anonymous

QS6.1 programming help wanted - 12/03/04 12:59 PM


Anyone kind enough to give me some info on programming cards for my QS6.1 synth. What software to use etc.
Also I find that the supplied manual dosn't really explain how to do most things with any clarity. Some one who owns and uses one could really help me.
Having a hard time finding a Din 9 to DB25 cable as well.

TKS bawb
Posted by: ErichS

Re: QS6.1 programming help wanted - 12/04/04 08:09 PM

One thing that helped me see the big picture with the QS was a good patch editor. The one that comes with the QS (Unisyn) is pretty bad. I use a shareware editor called QSEdit.
(http://www.soundtower.com). It lays things out very nicely.

When you say programming cards do you mean burning memory cards. I don't have any advice there as I haven't done that.

As far as a cable, are you trying to go through the serial port?