New Alesis Fusion

Posted by: Anonymous

New Alesis Fusion - 02/26/05 09:18 AM

I was looking into getting a keyboard and I saw the demo for the new Fusion by Alesis.
Now, from the demo, things look interesting. I was just wondering, from what we saw of it, what it may be comparable to on the market?

For example: Motif ES, Fantom X, Triton Studio, Tyros, Does the Fusion appear to stand up to these?
Posted by: Nigel

Re: New Alesis Fusion - 02/26/05 06:10 PM

I heard this demoed at NAMM and I was very impressed. Oh yes the Fusion is definately in the same league as the keyboards you mention. As well it comes with a HD standard which is very cool and very good digital audio capabilities. And the list price is very reasonable. It is definately worth checking out.