Alesis for Hip Hop?

Posted by: cBas

Alesis for Hip Hop? - 06/14/00 02:34 PM

How would an Alesis QS6.1-8.1 be for hip hop music? How is the Hip Hop Q Card? How are the Analog sounds on the vintage synth q card.
Posted by: ricok987

Re: Alesis for Hip Hop? - 06/16/00 04:49 AM

I have the QSR with the Hip Hop Q Card. I would say the Beat loops are just average. The problem is that there are both rhythm & basses in the loops. I like to do my own bass lines via sequencer, and having the extra bass sounds in the loop just muddy ups the sound. I am going to see if there is some way to edit out those sounds. As far as the beats go they are pretty much standard and useful. As far as the instrument sounds go believe it or not they are not much different from what you can program in the standard onboard samples. If you were going to do Hip-Hop, and only Hip-Hop music you should check out samplers. I have a Kurzweil K2000VP and I really like keyboard sampler instruments even though this type of instrument usually costs more up front, and to use (sample CD's), and takes a lot more editing & programming work. But your end result is exactly what you want. I would say the Alesis is the way to go if Hip Hop is only 1 of the styles of music you do. This way you could use the whole instrument instead of just the rhythm kits, a few patches and the HH Q Card. One bonus is that Musicians Friend has the Q Cards on sale for $99.00
Posted by: ricok987

Re: Alesis for Hip Hop? - 06/16/00 05:24 AM

Oh by the way, I had the Vintage Synth Q Card but Sold it. I found that the sounds were a little bit laim. The were too smooth sounding and lacked any bite. I would think that If you just used Alesis equipment the sounds would be acceptable. But if you have synths from Roland, Yamaha, Korg etc. you will find that the Alesis doesn't mix very well. I am happy with the QSR's stock sounds. Hey I even sold my Vintage synth SR-JV80 expansion card for the same reason. These cards just don't cut it as analog simulations.