Quadraverb2 editor (Qclick)

Posted by: Anonymous

Quadraverb2 editor (Qclick) - 09/09/01 05:11 AM

Can someone tel me where I can find this program, the link on the Alesis sit seems to be broken. If someone has got Qclick already mayby he or she can Email it to:


If not mayby someone can tell me where I can download Qclick.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: kaboombahchuck

Re: Quadraverb2 editor (Qclick) - 09/09/01 02:24 PM

alesis has been having big problems. it was said that they had gone bankrupt. but i want to the synth zone and was able to reach an alesis site. so go to the synthzone home page and click on alesis, there seems to be alot of sites there.