Please help with ADAT-Edit!!!

Posted by: Rob S

Please help with ADAT-Edit!!! - 03/04/00 11:49 AM


I just installed the ADAT-Edit by Alesis on my Blue and White G3. It has been nothing buy trouble. I finally got it to work, and the recording quality is terrible. Lots of pops and crackles. I'm using it to record my QS8. And, yes, it is set at matching 44.100.

Any Advice? Thanks,
Posted by: Bleach

Re: Please help with ADAT-Edit!!! - 03/08/00 07:01 AM

Hey Rob.
This maybe a little simplistic,but have you checked the clock source on the sound card
Try setting to external when recording
internal when playing back. I haven't used ADAT Edit,but I have had that problem when
using other dig recording software.
Hope that helps.