Soundbridge + XP + DMPRO = @#$%

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Soundbridge + XP + DMPRO = @#$% - 11/23/03 06:14 PM

When I try to send wavs to my DMPRO using Soundbridge, I get an error that the synth was not found. I am using a P3 laptop with XP, and EDIROL UM-1 midi device,I have my midi cables connected, etc. The first time I started the transfer, the DMPRO said "RECEIVING MIDI DATA" for about a second before returning to the name of the drumkit. Ever since, I can't connect. ????
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Re: Soundbridge + XP + DMPRO = @#$% - 12/02/05 08:07 PM

both midi in and out need to be connected of the DM to your midi interface. hope that helps, ( 2 years later ).

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