Alesis NanoPiano & Alesis QS Series

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Alesis NanoPiano & Alesis QS Series - 10/01/01 08:17 PM

This might get a little confusing so I'm sorry if you have trouble understanding what I'm trying to explain.

Ok, just the other day (Sunday to be precise), our choir sang on a Sunday afternoon on a barge on the river. We had live music. We had a Roland FP-9 for the piano and the organ (to my suprise) was an Alesis QS7. I had heard that the QS series had an organ sound,like all other keyboards you'll find, but what I didn't know is it had a rotary speaker simulator and a leslie effect on it to make this organ sound like a real organ with a tremolo switch on it.

What I would like to know is what effect makes this organ sound like a real organ w/ a tremolo switch. Is it the rotary speaker simulator or the leslie effect?

I am looking at buying an Alesis NanoPiano and it has a rotary effect for the organ sounds, is this what I'm looking for where I can switch it on and off like I would if I were playing an organ with a tremolo switch. Or would I need the leslie effect.

I hope you understand what I"m trying to explain, it may sound confusing to some, I just hope I can get an answer. I don't want to buy something if it's not what I want.

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Re: Alesis NanoPiano & Alesis QS Series - 10/19/01 05:31 PM

I have the Alesis QS6.1. Configuration #3 gives you lezlie+reverb. Configuration #5 gives you overdrive+leslie. In config 5 its an all in one and actually has 6 different effects in all on the Send 1. Send 1 is the Overdrive effect giving the classic distortion. From there overdrive is sent through a balance fader, than to a stereo delay, from there to stereo reverb, Output of reverb is summed to mono and sent into a stereo Lezlie. From there to EQ and from there to main left and main right outputs.
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Re: Alesis NanoPiano & Alesis QS Series - 10/22/01 02:07 PM

Thanks for replying, I was wondering if anyone was going to reply.

Is there a way to do the same thing on the Alesis NanoPiano. I haven't gotten one yet and probably am not for another 2 to 3 weeks. But when I do get it, I know it has all those effects that the Alesis QS Series has. If anyone on here know's how to work the effects on the Alesis NanoPiano, let me know how to use the effects for the organ sound.