QS serial cable needed -- help

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QS serial cable needed -- help - 11/07/01 08:36 AM

I read the post about using other keys' cables.

My local music store couldn't get me the serial cable. They first said, "Alesis is going through a corp. restructuring..." Yeah. Which Inc. or [dot].com is not? Then when I mentioned that you can use the Roland or any DIN8 - serial adaptor he got lost.

I'd really appreciate some help locating a vendor. I found out that my PCMCIA cards (from laptop) don't work in the Alesis...Can't figure that out either. Do they have to be proprietary cards? Like "Q-cards?"
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Re: QS serial cable needed -- help - 11/07/01 05:07 PM

Me again.
I'm sorry -- I'm bull-headed. I'm still trying to find a serial cable and had one more question.

If anyone out there has schematics for the DIN-8 to SERIAL port (on PC), I could make several cables. I'd like to save my PC from being fried by the wrong wiring, but I've found the connectors for both ends. Thanks again, y'all.
I've got my soldering iron ready...

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Re: QS serial cable needed -- help - 11/09/01 04:18 PM

I'm not sure about the QS seiries wiring diagram, but the nanosynth goes like this.

wiring for PC 9 pin D-sub

Alesis----------------------PC 9 pin
3 -------------------------------2
5 -------------------------------3

wiring for PC sweial 25pin D sub
Alesis----------------------PC 25 pin
2 ------------------------------4

8 pin plug diagram

34 5
1 2

hope this helps.

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