Alesis MMT8

Posted by: TeknoSoul

Alesis MMT8 - 06/04/00 05:01 AM

I've heard of this old sequencer, the Alesis MMT-8 that Orbital use for live stuff and I'm thinking of getting one because I'm fed up wiht my computer. Can anyone direct my any pages with info on this sequencer? I can't find anything.
Posted by: Key Juice

Re: Alesis MMT8 - 06/07/00 10:46 AM

I would suggest trying to get a copy of the instruction manual for this sequencer. Although the Alesis web page for manual downloads has several listings for older gear, I didn't see one for the MMT-8.They do have parts for this unit (I just ordered a new keypad set for mine) so they might have the manual listed as a part. Their phone # is: 1-800-525-3747.