Hi!...and help, please!

Posted by: Felipe

Hi!...and help, please! - 11/07/16 12:50 PM

Hello to everyone!
I'm Felipe from Spain.

A friend (computer expert) is mounting a new 1TB HD to my Groove XR, but he have a problem: after cloning the HD,my friend says the Groove XR boot from the USB, but get a window asking drivers cdrom. The Groove XR doesn't have cdrom, these drivers don't exist and as not install drivers, installation expires...
I hope the explanation is correct.

A thousand of thanks.
Posted by: freakman

Re: Hi!...and help, please! - 11/10/16 08:19 AM

Hello Felipe,
I had that once. If the hard disk is cloned,
it should work without driver installation.
To clone the HD you have to remove it and copy one to one.
For example, Acronis.
If you only copy the HD to an external HD via the USB port,
then the drivers are missing from the system.
To install the drivers,
you can burn the ISO to a CD and plug an external CD drive into the USB port on the front, then it finds the drivers.
Posted by: Felipe

Re: Hi!...and help, please! - 11/20/16 10:39 PM

Hi freakman!
We'll try it.