Mediastation X76

Posted by: vamechanic100

Mediastation X76 - 09/27/14 03:17 AM

Hi Everyone
I have a question and need someone to help.
I have a Lionstracs X76 that has developed problem again.
I know that Dominic has moved on to other things. So the
lionstracs is now done by someone in Germany I think.
The keyboard has sound out from the output headphones from the Player and the B3 Organ using the mouse on the B3 keys on the
Graphics touch screen. When I play the keys there is no sound
out from the lionstracs? the B3 does not react to the keys used and no response to the keys from the arranger or the VST,s.
The X76 was updated to Asrock extreme and the extreme software. can anyone help? Where or who does the software or hardware now?
Yours Brian
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Mediastation X76 - 09/27/14 07:46 AM

Brian, Did you check "Jack", making sure you are connected to the outputs?

Also, it is possible, the keybed is not connected (physically)..

Did you re-install the latest OS?

Did you check the output levels in settings?
Posted by: vamechanic100

Re: Mediastation X76 - 09/27/14 03:56 PM

Hi Fran
Thanks for the reply. I have now got the keys working on the
X76 Keyboard. I took out the flash strip and replaced it
and now I have the keys working the B3 and synth sounds.
The only thing now is the Arranger (Styles and left hand chords not responding.
The whole keyboard works in piano mode and in
split but no response with styles chords lower split?
By the way is there anyone doing the software for the Lionstracs or is this the end of the line?
I know they are still for sale on a German site?
Yours Brian. Thanks again
Posted by: Phil123

Re: Mediastation X76 - 04/22/16 12:59 AM

I have a L MS X76 OS 5.1 (I think that with the newer board and 5.1 OS the MS is similar to the Groove, if I'm not mistaken!) - but it hasn't been working for some time. I have a request. I desperately need someone to send me the Re-Booting files. I would really appreciate it if someone can do that, so that I can get this great instrument "Fired Up" again. If anyone can help me, I would be very thankful. I have sent emails to Zmago, but I think he is on tour at the moment. I'm not sure though. If anyone can help, please can you get in touch and send them to me on WeTransfer or email. Thanks in advance. Best regards
Posted by: Phil123

Re: Mediastation X76 - 05/01/16 02:47 AM

Sorry to insist BUT if someone can help by sending me the rebooting files for the OS 5.1. That way we can help each other if someone else needs them etc.... Please get in touch for details.

Thanks for any help... Best regards