mediastation x76 questions

Posted by: robert.m

mediastation x76 questions - 09/30/13 01:26 AM

greeting.i have ms76 few days ago, so I wonder how to install native instruments contact 3 procedures?? i have os groove 5:01
Posted by: Phil123

Re: mediastation x76 questions - 05/01/16 02:49 AM

Sorry to insist BUT if someone can help by sending me the rebooting files for the OS 5.1. That way we can help each other if someone else needs them etc.... Please get in touch for details.

Thanks for any help... Best regards
Posted by: Janr

Re: mediastation x76 questions - 05/30/16 08:28 AM

Hi Phil123,

Sure i want to help you but i ain't very good in Linux.
How are the bootfiles called ? Is it: "VMlinuz" or something like that ?
Can i send you those files piece by piece ? (via Wetransfer)
I know in Windows you can't copy booting files. I had to be formatted with boot files.

So, what exactly do you need ?