Groove W-7..


Groove W-7.. - 07/21/12 06:20 AM

Someone will be interested on this new 76 keys workstation keyboard?

Is based with a new Audio hardware, with 10 audio Outs and 10 Inputs.
this is the new frontpanel:

As main sequencer we will embedded the sequencer because is a pattern system.
You can download for Free the Renoise and check the quality and stability, is really one amazing SEQ!
My software developers will develope the new DSP Arranger-styles plugin, where on each desidered track is possible to load this plugin and playing the patters same one arranger system.
here you can see some tools plugins already available:
Posted by: Nedim

Re: Groove W-7.. - 09/23/12 06:38 PM

Man...Domenico, how many times a year do you change the complete hardware and software man?
Lets be honest...why don't you hire some good hard working men and actually do something with
this...or you afraid to give an instrument for free to someone? And i dont mean me, i am saying
in general, i already have a MediaStation (i just remembered i have to check it if its clean).
Posted by: Tony Hughes

Re: Groove W-7.. - 09/30/12 06:29 AM

Well Nedim,

I did tell you, it's like a graveyard around here.
Posted by: Phil123

Re: Groove W-7.. - 05/01/16 02:47 AM

Sorry to insist BUT if someone can help by sending me the rebooting files for the OS 5.1. That way we can help each other if someone else needs them etc.... Please get in touch for details.

Thanks for any help... Best regards