Posted by: Irishacts

Strings - 06/05/10 12:10 PM

Hi all.
Here's a new sound I made. It's a very lush slow strings patch. Put on headphones and you will see what I mean. It's got a super wide stereo sound to it.

MP3 Demo.

Giga Download


Posted by: miden

Re: Strings - 06/05/10 01:58 PM

Thanks James. I will give that one a try.

If its anything like your usual sound creations, then it will be a keeper, without needing to listen

Posted by: Bachus

Re: Strings - 06/06/10 08:13 AM

Nice strings James...

I hope Mediastation community will be like your excample, i am a big fan of the open source community, and free sharing and people helping eachother out is a rare and noble thing these days..
Posted by: AFG Music

Re: Strings - 06/06/10 01:37 PM

thanks James
Posted by: vagro

Re: Strings - 06/06/10 07:24 PM

Thank you James. Sounds so good in the Mp3. I downloaded the Giga sound and I'll try it tomorrow in my MS