new bios fo rK10N78

Posted by: miden

new bios fo rK10N78 - 05/05/10 09:40 PM

Just wanted to pass on the new BIOS for the Asrok K10N78-1394 M/B.

I discovered my M/B was at BIOS version 1.00, so unless Dom flashed the K10N boards before shipping, most would still be at 1.00.

To check simply have your keyboard (qwerty) attached and hold F2 at the Asrok boot screen. The version is on the main screen.

The update allows the use of the new AM3 architecture. Although there are a couple of the quad-cores that won't work.

As well as the slightly earlier AM2+ processors (quad and dual core).

I have a little program here that allows you to create a bootable thumb drive (to DOS) on the MS and run the BIOS flash routine.

If anyone is interested I can send you the info.


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Posted by: AFG Music

Re: new bios fo rK10N78 - 05/06/10 04:46 AM

here bios v1.50 on mainboard was installed by ASRrock. I do not know why ASRock K10N78 now has Bios v1.90 and
ASRock K10N78-1394 still Bios v1.50 !

maybe ASRock forgotten to update Bios for ASRock K10N78-1394 to v1.90?!

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Posted by: miden

Re: new bios fo rK10N78 - 05/06/10 12:29 PM

g'day AFG, I dont know either...BUT at least it allows us to use the new AM3 architecture quad cores ...most of them anyway.

Including the quad core I am (hopefully) installing today along with a new super quiet PS fan from Noctua. And some more RAM.

I know I don't need the RAM, as Dom told me, BUT I ahve the spare sticks here at home so I thought, well, why not!!

From the list, there are only a few that don't work in the x-1394 edition.

But I would STILL rather have the 1394 as it has the firewire port, the others don't.

The FW port is great for an external firewire hard drive..even the FW 800!


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Posted by: AFG Music

Re: new bios fo rK10N78 - 05/06/10 01:23 PM

maby someone should contact astrock. because it seems that both maindboards have the same Bios from beginning to v1.50.

here after has Asrok K10N78 Bios update but not Asrok K10N78-1394!!!!!!!!!??????????
Posted by: miden

Re: new bios fo rK10N78 - 05/06/10 01:55 PM

At a guess, I think maybe because it is a discontinued board perhaps??

I don't really know. To be honest in this, I don't really care.

I think it is enough to be able to run AM3 quad cores, even up to 3ghz models I don't think my MS needs more than that.....