KORG PA800 Style on MS, Sound Comparison

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KORG PA800 Style on MS, Sound Comparison - 04/30/10 10:39 PM

Here we go, just follow this link, it is explained in there: http://www.basaristudios.com/comparisons.html

you can hear and have some clue how a Korg PA800 Style would work on a MediaStation synth.
I dont have an MS YET, what i did is exactly what i would do on an MS, reroute the style to my
own Bank which in this case i used Goliath and i run Korg's style thru it directly from the synth.
When i play live with Arranger i usually play like this, use Korg's styles but my sound Engine is
a laptop with VSTis. The procedure is simple and short, i know exactly what i am talking about
and i that on the MS would be done exactly how i did it here so basically this example MP3 can
be treated as being done on the MS, knowing that i can run My Library in there, knowing that
i can convert the Style and knowing that i can reroute it to My Library and save it as that. It took
me no more then 5 minutes for this particular style to reroute and use GM Sounds but not 15MB
all together GM Sounds, it uses Goliath as a whole source, i didnt add no FX or mastering stuff.
Its simply how i play live even though most in here are affraid to connect synth to a computer and
go gigging, i do that for years and never had a problem. You have your Bank Loaded, your Styles
loaded and GO! This is not specificallyto substitute or demonstrate an MS but it can cuz it is done
EXCATLY as i did it on here, same on the MS. This mostly probably demonstrates how you can
use the Arranger with VSTis...and one thing, it sounds like THIS ONLY cuz i wanted to sounds
like that, maybe DIKI wants another Acoustic Guitar or LEE want Audya drums but this was what
i exactly want it and i know for a fact that it is WAY better then it is on Korg itself...for me.
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Re: KORG PA800 Style on MS, Sound Comparison - 05/01/10 12:05 AM

First touch down for the open arrangers... As this was the first real comparison betweeen a style on an Closed arranger and the same style with the use of VST's
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Re: KORG PA800 Style on MS, Sound Comparison - 05/01/10 06:52 AM


are you still interested to buy MS/Groove if i may ask?

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Re: KORG PA800 Style on MS, Sound Comparison - 05/02/10 03:05 AM

I might be.