MediaStation thoughts

Posted by: Fran Carango

MediaStation thoughts - 08/08/09 01:18 PM

I installed the new 3.3 OS...and everything seems to be ok...Some improvements in the Live/Styler..Qranger switching...and other improvements that I really didn't notice a problem with the newer 3.2 OS...IT was working great with 3.2 and seems good with 3.3...

One of the reservations I always thought may be a problem ...was road worthy.(being a PC hardware type instrument)....Since giving thought where it came from (Italy)..and where it is now (USA)..It made that trip why not trust it on the 200 mile round trips , that it would make to gig...

Re: MediaStation thoughts - 08/10/09 02:24 AM

On new OS 3.3 is changed the Styles scanning mode.
Before the available styles on hard disk where scanned by the backend Qranger TCP network and when was more than 300-400 styles ( yamaha + qranger) the TCP network was to much busy and sometime the Livestyler can not send correct the all command protocol by TCP.

Now the styls scanning is integrated on the GUI interface and the TCP network is used ONLY for driver the all basic arranger command to Qranger and Livestyler.

Now you can install 1000-2000 Yamaha styles, all will be scanned and display on the interface in around 0.5 second ( before by TCP for scanning 300 styles was needed about 6-10 seconds)
Posted by: AFG Music

Re: MediaStation thoughts - 08/10/09 06:20 AM

i like the new o.s to.

domenico we had on o.s 2.08 a option to change the sound of the styles in realtime and save it.

that was a great option. can we have that back in new O.S with qranger. a mean only for midi tracks inside a style with out to go to inside qranger editor. becouse that wil be great to change the sound after the style is recorded in qranger in realtime