Will my setup work with Windows 8 ?

Posted by: Daniel_C

Will my setup work with Windows 8 ? - 02/06/13 12:57 PM

Hello to everyone, I think its time to move on to a new Laptop before my current one dies, but the new ones already come with WIndows 8 and Im uncertain if my current virtual arranger setup will work fine.

My current setup is One Man Band Originals 10.3.0 , Loop Be1 Monitor to send the Midi signals to Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5 , Cantabile Performer 2.0 , all controlled by a Korg X50 synthethizer.

So if any of you have had any experience upgrading to Win 8 Id appreciate your help.

Another question , I have created and tweaked a lot of styles on One Man Band , will this styles play on a real Yamaha arranger or could be converted for a Korg PA?

Thanks you!
Posted by: Audrey Turner

Re: Will my setup work with Windows 8 ? - 01/05/14 04:27 PM

Hello Daniel,

I can't answer your questions but I would advise you to make sure get the latest version of Windows which I think is currently version 8.1 (unless Microsoft have updated again). The original Windows 8 had several faults but I understand most of them have now been corrected through the 8.1 version so it is likely your setup will work with it.

Good luck!

Posted by: abacus

Re: Will my setup work with Windows 8 ? - 01/06/14 12:14 AM

You can download the windows upgrade assistant here which will check for any problems.

Hope this helps