Prophet 5 sound in software? (NI Pro 53)

Posted by: nfrost

Prophet 5 sound in software? (NI Pro 53) - 08/26/11 09:48 AM

I love the sound of Native Instrument's Pro53 "Fat Glide Lead", but I have two problems with it:
0. I need to pitch bend +/-13 semitones, not +/-2 semitones
1. I need polyphony (ideally something like 32 simultaneous notes, not 1)

It seems all the soft synths that emulate the Prophet 5 are unable to pitch bend +/-13 semitones as I require.

How can I achieve this with a VST?

Thanks in advance, all!

(I'm no expert synth-builder, so it's not clear to me how to use something like Massive or Omnisphere to build a sound similar/identical to NI's Pro53 "Fat Glide Lead" preset)
Posted by: abacus

Re: Prophet 5 sound in software? (NI Pro 53) - 08/26/11 11:00 AM

The Pro 53 VST was designed to emulate as accurately as possible the Prophet Synth, so consequently it did not go beyond this, and has now of course been discontinued.

The best substitute is probably Arturia (Although there are others if you do a Google search) however you will have to email them to see if it offers the additional features you require.

Hope this helps