Linux arranger software

Posted by: doc-z

Linux arranger software - 10/08/06 11:57 AM

Is there any realtime arranger software available for linux?

Posted by: abacus

Re: Linux arranger software - 10/27/06 12:08 AM

Here is a post by Rikki that might interest you.

Enjoy whatever you play

Posted by: Jos Maas

Re: Linux arranger software - 05/12/16 11:26 AM
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Linux arranger software - 05/12/16 12:29 PM

Originally Posted By: Jos Maas

I recently upgraded from 1 man band original 10.1 to version 11..
I don't know why I waited..It is built new from the ground up..great features and runs smooth..I use a vst pc80 Roland soft synth, instead of the included jm synth..
I understand the Linux version is the same layout.
You will be happy,and reasonably priced..