OMB song, lead sheet

Posted by: Scott Langholff

OMB song, lead sheet - 07/15/06 04:25 AM


I have been able to bring up the lead sheet Waltzing Mathilda but I can not for the life of me get it to play. I have looked in the help section of OMB, but I guess I don't know what terms are being used. I have looked under everything that I think might apply.

So....does anybody know how to get this thing rolling and what different ways I can use it?

I also remember the last time I was on the soft synth trail, that I could write my own lead sheet. Or was that Busker that I'm thinking of.

Also it seems to me I saw mentioned on the forum that you can scan your own music etc.

Any input welcome.

Posted by: freddynl

Re: OMB song, lead sheet - 07/15/06 03:29 PM

Finale scans leadsheet's
and I think also sibelius can do that.

Here's another one

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Posted by: Scott Langholff

Re: OMB song, lead sheet - 07/23/06 09:06 PM

Actually, I thought that OMB would display scanned music and possibly even scroll it. I don't know if I like the idea of automatic scrolling. I think I'd much rather have some type of marker where I could hit the down arrow or something like that and go to page 2, skip to the beginning etc on the fly, rather than be tied into an arrangement that would always be the same and not be able to adjust for a crowd.