OMB and LS

Posted by: santantoni

OMB and LS - 01/23/07 04:00 PM

Hi,as I am thinking to buy OMB, I just saw someone else's topic that mentioned 'LS' as an alternative to One Man Band...what's LS?
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Re: OMB and LS - 01/23/07 06:09 PM


LS, stands for Live Styler program, similar to OMB in that it uses psr .sty files, for realtime playing, but it doesn't have some of the other functions OMB does, style editing, sequencer, arranger, kareoke etc.

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Re: OMB and LS - 01/23/07 07:18 PM

oh I see,Live Styler,I did try it a few weeks ago...thanks
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Re: OMB and LS - 02/28/07 02:36 PM

LS is HOT! There is a new vesion as of 2/2007. For arranger functins and capability (flexibility) I have not found anything better, Yet.
No it does not have style editing (you can do that with many other programs) or a built in sequencer (but now you can record MIDI files) It does have FULL arranger + and yes I do Kareoke.
Give it a try with the new version...
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: OMB and LS - 02/28/07 06:07 PM

I think OMB and JammerLive are better than Live Styler..I don't know about the new version of LS..I will check it out.
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Re: OMB and LS - 02/28/07 11:02 PM

Thanks Lee,
for the update on Live styler.

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Re: OMB and LS - 03/01/07 10:35 AM

I just prerused the manual for Ver 9. It is pretty impressive.

Referring to page 61, I see you can tweak the styles as far as ADSR,volume,etc.