Using Brainspawn Forte?

Posted by: cajun100

Using Brainspawn Forte? - 07/13/06 09:02 AM

Would anyone using this program for live entertianment please comment on:

(1) your hardware/software setup
(2) HOW do you use this program? Together with ...?
(3) satisfaction with the software?
(4) comparable programs tried ...

I am a little confused as to exactly what this software does.
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Using Brainspawn Forte? - 07/13/06 09:54 AM

Cajun I use Forte as my host for all my soft synths..Roland Hyper Canvas, Super Quartet, Orchestral,DXi...M-Audio KeyRig...Native Instruments B4 and FM7...
Live synth with SGM128 soundfonts..

I also use it with JammerLive...OneManBand...Band in a Box...

My controller varies..mostly I use my DisCover5[Roland], because it has backup sequence playback and on board sounds that I use independently..Also my G1000 with even more backup capabilities...
Posted by: rikkisbears

Re: Using Brainspawn Forte? - 07/13/06 07:52 PM

Hi Cajun
all of these programs had me confused at the beginning also. Thanks to Frank, AJ, Fran, Vquestor etc ( sorry if I've left anyone out) it eventually all started to make sense.

I think you're using soundfonts??
Programs like OMB & Jammer can't load soundfonts, directly unless you have
a soundfont compatible soundcard like SBLive , Audigy etc

If you don't you would need to create a software setup similar to the following
to use soundfonts or programs like HYpercanvas etc
1. You would need software that can load your soundfonts

I use LiveSynth Pro (Not Avail. on it's own)
other options

then you would need Brainspawn Forte to host
sfz, Livesynth pro, Hypercanvas etc

next you need a virtual midi cable to connect Forte to OMB/Jammer

Maple Virtual Midi Cable

option midi yoke

then in my old laptop I used ASio4All driver because it gave me less latency than my onboard drivers.

best wishes

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Posted by: Vquestor

Re: Using Brainspawn Forte? - 07/13/06 08:29 PM

This forum might be useful:
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Re: Using Brainspawn Forte? - 07/14/06 08:56 AM

Yes, I am getting the picture now.

Thanks to all for the information and advice.

As opposed to the more worldly folks here, I only want to play extra-good piano/strings/drums 99% of the time -- so I am a little less likely to have large libraries of fonts or special packages. I can use my tweaked 9000 for that kind of fooling around.

Onward with testing and trial. Both desktop and laptop installations.
Posted by: cajun100

Re: Using Brainspawn Forte? - 07/14/06 08:59 AM


Would you give me a comment on "KeyRig"? And tell me why -- if one uses it, one would need any KB with additional onboard sounds? It is that deficient compared to things like your Discover5? Or just different? Latency problems when playing live -- that kind of thing?

BTW, can one add new voices to the KeyRig library, or it is a "fixed" selection?
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Using Brainspawn Forte? - 07/14/06 05:27 PM

Cajun, it is one of the best under $100 soft synths on the market..You have 4 modules..Piano module is good..not great[DisCover5 piano is better]..Synth module is pretty cool if you are into synth sounds..the organ module is really great[not up to the level of B4], but better than our arranger organs[except G70]...
The last module is the GM ..Across the board the GM sounds are decent..And a cool can mute any track in the GM module and use a piano from the Piano module,, a synth from the Synth module and an organ from the Organ module...

It also is easy on the CPU.

I say it is worth buying[I paid $75 at GC]..
Posted by: cajun100

Re: Using Brainspawn Forte? - 07/15/06 09:47 AM

Thank you Fran, for that clear respose.

Do you know by chance whether one can integrate the M-Audio "Drum and Bass Rig" sounds/loops with Key Rig?
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: Using Brainspawn Forte? - 07/15/06 11:37 AM

You can run both soft synths in Forte and utilize them..Mute the drums and bass in KeyRig GM module and play the drums and bass from Drum and Bass Rig..
Posted by: cajun100

Re: Using Brainspawn Forte? - 07/16/06 11:12 AM

Ah, that is interesting, Fran.

Thanks for the insight. I'm getting both this week.