Rotary Speaker Effect

Posted by: deatonent

Rotary Speaker Effect - 03/02/18 12:15 PM

I use Powertrack Pro to produce SMFs to play on my Tyros 2. Everything works great except there are no effects on my organ sounds. I need to know what sysex to imbed in order to trigger the DSP rotary effect Off/On. The Tyros owner's manual lists the MSB and LSB values but I need help formulating the sysex string (or strings). Thanks, DVJ
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Re: Rotary Speaker Effect - 03/02/18 09:46 PM

Found this ... does it help?
"... To assign a MIDI CC message to the Rotary parameter, you must have a controller on your keyboard that can be assigned to send MIDI CC# 75 - 87.
You can then assign one of these parameters to the Rotary parameter, depending on the Organ instrument sound you are using"
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Re: Rotary Speaker Effect - 03/05/18 07:23 AM

Hey Dave,
I knew you would have some helpful info. Where did you find that quote? I’ll read up on it in more detail. I’m still using the 950 I got from you. Also, I’m looking for a SMF of the Johnnie Johnson version of Tossin & Turnin?

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Re: Rotary Speaker Effect - 03/08/18 09:46 AM

You betcha. Hope it works for you.