Auto-accompaniment/Backing module

Posted by: szone

Auto-accompaniment/Backing module - 03/07/05 05:11 AM

Hello all,

Iím new to music instrument. Recently, I purchased Yamaha Tyros just to accommodate my hobby. In addition, Iím looking to purchase auto-accompaniment or backing module since Iím one-man-band. I need your expert and recommendation. What is the best, recent available auto-accompaniment/Backing module that will fit with my Yamaha Tyros?

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Re: Auto-accompaniment/Backing module - 03/08/05 12:28 PM

Unless I misunderstand your question???
You don't need one. The tryos is an excellent auto accompaniment module as well.

What is your main instrument as one man band, in other words what instrument are you playing?
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Re: Auto-accompaniment/Backing module - 03/09/05 06:09 AM

I Play Keyboard fairly. But, I want all accompaniment or Backing come from different device (module that has sequencing feature)
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Re: Auto-accompaniment/Backing module - 04/20/14 11:38 PM


Try the following Modules that will give you LIVE auto accompaniment.

* KETRON SD3 (Midi based).
* KETRON Midijay Plus (Midi based).
* KETRON Midjay PRO (Midi and Audio based).

Check out for demos .... then you decide.

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Re: Auto-accompaniment/Backing module - 02/01/16 05:27 AM

I do not understand the problem. It was when the Yamaha MDF2. This MIDI sequence memorized and played in real time. And with TIROS I have some sound track recorded in mp3. And it gives time to reboot Playback.
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Re: Auto-accompaniment/Backing module - 11/12/16 03:10 AM

Roland BK 7M mate.....swear by them...Alan D
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Re: Auto-accompaniment/Backing module - 09/28/17 11:08 AM

Is it Midi pickup on your guitar you use with the Roland ?