s2000 questions

Posted by: Dave

s2000 questions - 09/22/98 05:43 AM

I´ve just bought an AKAI S2000 and i like to have some answers to these questions:

1. How big harddrive can I connect to the s2000? If max size is 540Mb (what I´ve heard) is it possible to ”partion” the disk in parts of 500Mb each without problems?

2. Is it possible to resample trough internal and external effects ?

3. Can the s2000 read file-formats like wav. and aiff.?

4. Can I expand the polyphony, the number of voices to 64?

5. How much flash-memory can be installed, 32Mb?

6. I´ve heard about some problems concernig MIDI with MESA (PC-version)
what about it?

Thankful for answers.
Posted by: Adrian

Re: s2000 questions - 10/11/98 04:14 PM

Check Akai.com out...