AKAI S2000/Zip drive config

Posted by: Anonymous

AKAI S2000/Zip drive config - 01/02/01 01:30 AM

can anyone help with with getting the above configured as im having a nightmare. I just wotn pick it up however I can conect via the akai scsi port to my pc.
Posted by: inocybe

Re: AKAI S2000/Zip drive config - 01/02/01 02:32 AM

you need at least OS 2.0 or it isn't going to work at all. Your sampler should be on SCSI host ID 6, the Zip at 5 and the SCSI Remote ID on 5. Termination dhould be on if it's not connected to the PC. Otherwise you should disable the iomega drivers on your PC to avoid conflicts over controle. You can use iomega guest to load and unload your drivers manually if needed. (this works on a Mac don't know for a PC).

Hope this cures your problem.